Lara Wetlands August 1st

Around the campfires of Central Qld, we had heard whispers of a beautiful campground beyond Barcaldine, ‘Lara Wetlands’. With artesian hot springs, wetlands kayaking, damper fueled country music and flexible fire pits. 15 km of dirt road finished in a lovely welcome by the Lara Ladies. Although a little difficult to find a spot next the wetlands, we pitched just off the most desirable water’s edge, nearby the kid’s playground, hot and cold pools, camp kitchen and kayaking launch site. While others toured the homestead, we loved the menagerie of birds and experimented with our caste iron cooking wares.

And then… we met the Sopers. A delightful bunch of 3 fun loving children and adventurous adults, Mark, Lauren, Zoe, Emmi and Jude were to become our traveling companions through to Uluru. Built in entertainment!

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