What The Blog?

I don’t feel that I need any introduction, and actually all you readers, could combine and write a much better ‘about me’ page than I could.

I can write a ‘why the blog?’… I’m going to re-name the page… (what the blog sounded so much better than why the blog)

A whole bunch of small reasons really. Kinda enjoyed the writing I did for ShanghaiMamas all those years ago. I often want to share whats going on, but am not into FBing, and then trying to connect with people I want to connect with… I’m doing a whole lotta new things, and i think writing helps process all of that.

Expat-ing isn’t so new to us, but every new location has it’s own crazy, so that’s a new thing.

Being more environmentally conscious is a newer thing. It happened on the plane on the way over. Hubs watched a movie about what’s going on with the planet, when we landed all of a sudden had to have multiple bins, and skip going the water tong (large bottle of filtered water). Of course he’s the ‘ideas man’ and I’m the ‘implementation woman’… Sometimes when you make a big change in your life, like moving house it’s easier to start new habits. We had to get all new house stuff so we did get the chance to ‘start again’ and start in a better way. It is certainly a slow process because I want the changes that we make to be permanent changes to our lifestyle and be normalised by our kids.


Also homeschool… so yeah, that thing. For us right now, homeschool is something we are doing till hubs finishes this contract. Then after that who knows, because you know; who knows where we will end up!!?? So we are tracking to British / Cambridge standards, as there is a 90% chance that, that is the curriculum of the school that he will end up. Although I am making it all up as we go along! And possibly doing it in the most complicated way possible. But hey! that’s kinda what this blog is all about. And given the trajectory of their future curriculum I am taking the opportunity to squeeze in as much Aussieness as possible (history and geography) and hopefully maybe ending in an extended road trip!

And, well, yup. Keeping me sane… just letting the crazy out, and processing the crazy, crazy shared is crazy halved right?