Fumble on the finish line

So, I’ve just finished my exam for my first unit while homeschooling the small humans. And well, I’d say it was a pretty standard effort of a probable result of 60-80% and seeing as I did sweet FA study I’m ok with that.

My fumble was my last assignment for the unit due on Nov 4th…. I had mates in town the week before so I knew I needed it all squared away so I could really chill with them. And I had it sorted! And it was a pretty good assignment I felt. I was on a high from my HD from the first one, and felt like I had done what the assignment needed. Final finishing edit and reference check on the last day. Save and submit! Done!

Or so I had thought…. turns out my ‘submit’ didn’t submit. And complacent me, didn’t check for the email confirmation that comes with turn-it-in….. FACE PALM. I realised this error on my part last week and I’ve been in touch with my unit convenor about it. And I don’t have a verdict yet on what will happen.

I’ve got my fingers crossed because A. It’s a long story short 1st year unit that fell though the cracks and whilst it was good to do, I found it really boring. Which was kinda why I did it while homeschooling as theoretically it was ‘easier’. And B. I feel like I’ve demonstrated that I know what they want me to know.

I’m crossing all my fingers for an ‘ungraded pass’ which may mess up my GPA, which I’m not that concerned with. I just need this to be off my plate….

Here’s hoping!!!

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