The giant one

So about 6mths ago, we had to go and get the first one soccer boots, I lost my marbles as we bought him an EU 40 (US mens 7.5). Because I’m an EU 40-42 (depending on brand) and I was like, HOW has this kid reached my shoe size already!!?? I know I’m a chick and all, but I have big feet for a girl. I thought maybe he’d be 10-11 before he started to surpass me. NOT 8!!!!

So in true growing kid style, 6mths has passed and he’s grown out of those shoes we got him, and he needs new ones, and of course also inline with the typical kid, we get 2 sizes up. (According to the shoe experts you buy 2 sizes up from what they used to wear.) so yup, he’s a 42, 42.5 to be exact. A men’s 9. At this rate it will 1.5-2 years before he and hubs can just amalgamate their shoe collection… which might actually be kind of economical, as anyone that knows hubs knows that he has a rather extensive shoe collection! I’m kind of hoping that this is a bit of a spurt, and things will just settle for a bit, 6mths even??? before this giant baby out grows the 4 pairs of shoes we just bought him!!!

I got out the growth charts for kids, which I haven’t done since he was a littler kid, and he is at least consistently as off the charts as he was when he was little. So nothing out of the unexpected. I think because the shoe thing came quicker than I was expecting. And because he’s entering the land of men’s sizing when he’s not even approaching being a teenager that it’s rocking me sideways a bit. I guess one of those times when you look at your own kids and think ‘shit! you’ve grown!” something I don’t usually notice until I look back at photos and can see their change.

Maybe it’s all the sunshine and fun in this country that’s making him grow… he’s not doing anything he ‘shouldn’t’ according to the below growths, it’s just that he started higher up the height chart than his peers… according to this he’ll hit me at 12 and hubs around 14years old. (personally, i’m thinking 11, and 13) The question will remain about how much more than hubs he’ll be. place your bets now!! winner gets open bar at his 18th 🙂

screen shot 2018-10-15 at 7.56.51 pm

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