Split person

I know many of us wish we could be in many places at once, (I can think of a few places right now 😋). Or if there were more of ourselves we could do more of that stuff which is on the never ending ‘must complete list’. But I wish that there were 2 of me for about 1 hour at bed time…

Since the move from Shanghai to KL things haven’t been easy for anyone. It’s basically the 2nd (4th?) move hubs and I have made, but the 1st move for the kids. Their first new home that is not where they grew up. And shit has been hard for them. Their getting dragged around, hubs and I can at least cognitively process much of the whys and the shit bits and putting our big girl pants on and just getting in with it, but it’s harder for them. On the outside day to day life, things seem mostly seem ok. I’m sure if there was some psych person viewing our lives they’d be like ‘You’re dreaming if you think this is ok?’ But mostly all ok, nothing super wierd. But every evening they both want extended cuddle time from me, after what would probably be a solid hour of ‘book time’ from both of us (reading is a big thing in our house). From what I hear from every parent with older kids is ‘cherish that time!’ And I do really, really want to. But I just can’t be spending that time with them simultaneously.

I do love the evening times with them, you get all the weird questions such as ‘how many people in an army?’ And ‘why do some animals lay eggs and others have live babies?’ Along with all the other deeper questions of life as their bodies and their minds relax and let their guards are down. I find that this is the time that I can appogise for any of my crappy adulting, and talk though what happened how I can be better next time and how they can change too. Leaving legos on the floor for the bizillionth time can bring out the psycho bitch in anyone… right??? So I don’t not want to spend this time with them, this window of their lives where they want their parent to stay and talk. But man! Kids!!! Double edged sword that no one ever tells you about!! Bah!!!

So yeah anyone got like a multiplier gun I can borrow for a bit that would be great!

(Pic is me having to go to a kids party instead of watching the AFL Grand Final, but the face is kinda what I’m saying… Party was actually fine, as it was dump n run, but the photo is there 🙂 )

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  1. That’s one of those things that feels like it’s going to last forever and then suddenly it’s over. You’re doing it right! All of it! Keep going x


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