Sometimes puke brings out the best in you…

Well, perhaps not best, but maybe some brilliance?

Our household had a bit of a 24hr tummy bug last week and I’ll spare you the details.

I have a pretty strong mental conviction not to hurl, and I have gritted a few tummy bugs for days waiting for it to ‘pass’ when I know that is probably all the better to hurl and get it over with. Anyhow, after seeing two of the fam go through it this time, I knew that I really should just get it over and done with. So, as I’m sitting in the bathroom floor trying to convince my brain that this is really the best thing for all of us, I have a burst of inspiration!

I have 3 tiger beer crates which I’ve collected from places and one was in my bathroom as storage box for TP and tissues. We are about to become a camping family and I’ve been thinking about how to do it in the most economical way possible. A camping table was not in our budget right now, and typical me, I was also thinking about how to pack all of our shit. Then I thought. What if I could get a piece of wood, fit it inside the top of the beer crate and Bob’s ya grandpa, table AND storage box!!

I was most pissed off that I was still recovering the next day and couldn’t get to chopping and stuff! But I have now! 😁 There is still a bit of work to be done, as the inside of the crates have little sections for all the beer bottles which actually make them pretty shitty for storage, but I’m in the process of removing them.

AND double bonus which didn’t occur to me on the bathroom floor is that the crate stack can also serve as storage at home and look kinda chic…? one of my thoughts about getting all this camping stuff was ‘where in the heck will we store it?’ The answer now is in plain sight!!

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  1. You’re so resourceful! There’s nothing like toilet floor inspiration is there? I want to see what other frugal camping ideas you come up with 🙂


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