I’m doing it….

So, I enrolled in my uni unit 3 weeks ago, downloaded the unit outline and that was it. After the 2nd week had past I had decided to withdraw, as with homeschool etc I just didn’t know how to manage it all. Now at the end of the 3rd week I got online to try and withdraw; and in short withdrawing from this unit is going to be a little trickier than JFDI (Just Fucking Doing It).

This MAY be because I’ve had two epic coffees today and feel a bit like a super charged Wonder Woman. And maybe this hurdle and the coffee was the slap in the face I need to get my shit together.

When we talked about doing home school, we did discuss how I was going to manage my uni and teaching the kids. At the time I reckoned I could do it, by dropping down to one unit at a time and just plodding on. Seeing as I’m doing homeschool ‘My Way’ which I’m really liking it is taking more of my time than I thought it would. And maybe that’s cause it takes time to find a groove, and maybe it’s just cause I have a son!!! 5minute independent learning task taking 30min!!!!?? Agh!!!!!

Anyway, I’m going to press on with my uni. I’ve downloaded everything from the last 3 weeks, and the assignment which is due in 2weeks. My Fuck Off Friday pool buddy isn’t here today (which is a little bit good) so I can get cracking on my readings. Although my coffee mug is of course still full of it’s usual whisky goodness… no use in throwing everything to the wind.

I get the feeling that my spectrum of ‘having my shit together’ may be somewhat skewed over the next few months… and hopefully everyone stays alive!

So here’s to pressing on with the goal, not taking the easy road and hopefully having a really awesome time doing it all!

Gan Bei! – Bottoms Up!

P.S Friday arvos are swimming lesson time!

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