What’s at the end of the TP Roll?

I reached over the other day to get another roll of TP and realised that there were 4 rolls left; and like most household managers when they see 4 rolls left I thought ‘shit, must get more!’

THEN I thought…. what if I didn’t…?? I mean aside from my house hold members going crazy, and using tissues. What if I (we) picked up that bum gun that’s hanging next to the toilet and used that?…. hmmm

I had lots of ‘technical’ questions about said bum gun. So I did what all normal people do, I googled my questions (VPN of course) to see how this all actually worked.

So, armed with our 4 remaining rolls, and a bum gun for each toilet I’m embarking on a toilet ‘re-training’ journey for the clan. This is not just because I have 4 rolls left and don’t want to buy more, that was the trigger. I hear it’s actually heaps more hygienic and better for you, and for me most importantly is for the kids.

They have lived in Asia their whole lives and are completely down with squat toilets 😋. I want them to be confident in this bathroom situation too. And also I think westerners have a lot of prejudices around toileting and what’s ‘backward’ or less civilised and I’m trying to raise my kids to be more tolerant of other cultures and not to make judgments or preconceptions about a people group. So by normalising this I hope that it’s one less thing that stereotypes a people group, and may help them normalise it for others. I’m not expecting them to preach the bum gun but just not make it a big deal of it because of ignorance.

So may the bum gun usage in our house help to shoot down intolerance in their future…. 🤣 yes I can hear your groans from here.

I will have to update you all on if these grand ideas and see if they actually work!

And no need to fear there will be TP if you come to visit!!!


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