Kicking off

Well, I’ve been mulling for several months now, about starting a blog. Those who know me, will know I’ve dabbled in the online publishing world a bit but nothing too serious.

My reason this time for wandering into the World Wide Web, are somewhat less organised and perhaps one could say even productive! Take this first initial post, I had a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) in the bathroom as one does and thought, yep! I’m gunna do it and write a post about that! I pull out my phone, bumble through a wordpress setup and now I’m all like. ‘So what was I going to say again???’ I mean it is 12:30am here, so I’m going to say that it’s because it’s stupid o’clock here that I can’t remember, and that seems like a pretty legit excuse for what we all know to be just plain old… I dunno… BBS…. busy brain syndrome (you heard that here first!)

Did I mention the lack of organisation? So yup, a blog, and a general sharing of all things going on and learning here, which of course I am totally making up as I go along. Some of these things are: homeschooling!😱, trying to reduce waste and be more conscious of the environment, doing the expat (like doing the jinky on the LEGO Scooby-Doo beach bingo bash… haven’t watched it? Good an hour of your life not wasted) and doing the mum thing to some TCK’s, and oh yeah, the me thing too. Why do we women always list that frigging last!!??

Lets rewrite this list, in no particular order of actual importance, heiracy or significance. Accept for listing the ‘me thing’ as first, because people! The ‘me thing’ is the center of this wheel of shit we  push around, no ‘me thing’ no nothing else.

So this blog is about me, even if I don’t talk about me, but rather rabbit on about all the ‘spokes’ in my wheel of life. It’s about me because A. I’m writing the damn thing! And it’s cathartic B. That stuff is a bit of me; a bit of me invested into it and changing how I am. C. Ah fuck it, BBS… trying to articulate my A and B correctly meant I lost C…. this is why I only have 2 kids…

So there you have it, Stay tuned for more streams of consciousness and lossely coherent posts about something which was totally awesome in my head.

I’m not going to put a polished pristine face first on this thing, I will of course choose the most flattering photos of all the ones I have, but life ain’t airbrushed. We all like to pretend like we have our shit together, all the time. And I think the reality is that having ones shit together is a spectrum. Some days being able to shower and prepare food for ones family is a massive example of having ones shit together that day. Other times there may be many more markers of ‘having ones shit sorted’. In contrast? To the being ‘real’  I have a strong aversion to the ‘woe is me’. I have done some pretty significant bitching and moaning in my time, and honestly that stuff has to happen, you gotta let it out, and my favourite way of doing that is with the ladies and several bottles of wine. Life is colorful and it includes all the colours some dark times and some light (colour is already a spectrum so it’s well matched to the spectrum of having ones shit together).

So here’s to a colourful start, with all the colours life throws at us. And well, honestly if the spectrum of life colours starts to significantly trend toward the dull shades, and there is far less shit being kept together, then there will probably be proportionately less postings (not that one could currently do crazy maths to work out what that proportion may look like based on one post, but u get my figure of speach). One of those learned things of if u have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all…. that and well, writing a blog post actually requires one to be at a certain point on the spectrum of having ones shit together in order to do so. So even if one wanted to be more real about not having ones shit together, it may be exceedingly difficult to do so, as holding the blog as a mirror to your life is actually a kinda tricky thing to do, especially when one is low on the spectrum of having their shit together.

ok! That is far enough midnight ramblings from me. Me and my 3rd person are going to go to sleep now!

Wan An!


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