The not so hottest 100

We’re avid TripleJ listeners and I always enjoy the hottest 100, although I have personally never really bothered to vote, i just enjoy others curation of music. Hubs however likes to put his 2c in. This year as he was selecting his top 10 I asked him to edit my uni assignment before submitting it, and he asked me to take over his top 10 list. As i listened to his selection, I was like “babe, these are all really moody, sad depressing songs” and he said ‘yeap, sums up 2018″ Hmmmm was it really that bad? how quickly one forgets and lets go of the shit bits?

Since starting homeschool, I know I have been WAY less angsty, and mad, and grumpy, and pissed off about life. And I think the kids are happier too (happy wife, happy life?) The kids finished ‘real school’ 6mths ago, but it feels like a whole other life time ago. We even went though their special memory boxes last week, and they didn’t want to keep most of the stuff from this last school, although all the things from China were kept and treasured.

So maybe 2018 was a bit shit, but I’ve forgotten most of that. Not quite water off a ducks back, cause every time I talk about that school experience or hubs tells me some other crazy shit about that place, the feelings which have no name (really, they have no name, as it’s a mix of all sorts of crazy feelings and thoughts) rise up and I get all angsty again, but it’s much less ‘tiger mother’ kinda crazy.


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  1. That’s really insightful, how quickly we forget hard stuff sometimes, maybe that’s resilience. Yay for posting on your blog! Keep writing x


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