Moura Apex Park July 24

We cut a long drive in half by staying one night by the river in a free camp just outside the little town of Moura with spacious sites and minimal amenities.

We used our recently purchased a mini fishing chair before losing a lure to a ‘snagfish’. During our riverside relaxation, we met a turtle who surfaced to bask in the sun and sit with us a while. Our other nature encounter was with the source of scurrying that had been heard the previous day. A mouse had made ‘Hovel’ (our trailer) its temporary home. Our neighbors kindly offered a trap after hearing a distinctive scream. Although the trap was empty in the morning, the mouse seemed to have received the message.

With our most efficient pack up yet at 40 minutes, we hit the road to Carnavon Gorge for Indigenous Cave Art and Canyon Trekking.

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